fake id ebay or amazon

Many criminal people use fake id cards on shoping websites such as ebay or amazon. But why do people use a fake id ebay or a fake id amazon? Its mostly criminal persons that use fake ids on ebay or amazon to sell fake products or sell some stuff but never deliver the product. There are many criminal gangs that are specialized for fraud on shoping websites. They are using high quality fake ids such as fake passports or drivers licence to create their fake accounts on websites like ebay and amazon.  So beware if youre shoping on pages like that and you find very cheap products.

Criminal gangs always come up with new tacticts to steal your money. Online Shops such as the Giant Amazon or Ebay ar so popular in these days, that most people prefer to order their stuff online instead of going into the mall. Why not, internet shopping is so easys that even old people are able to buy a gift or items for their house online. Criminals know that and using many methods make themself andavantages out of people that are not that used to onlineshoping. They use fake id cards to make a account on ebay or amazon and offer very cheap and underpriced products, such as televisions, smartphones and many other electronical and hifi stuff. But when your buy theses underpriced products you always have to prepay. When you pay the open amount for the steal on their bank account, your money is gone and u will never recieve your order. Its a very common method of highly criminal gangs so you should think twice if you see a very underpriced product like a tv or smartphone on websites like ebay or amazon. It could be a criminal with a fake id who is selling this steal and your money will be gone.

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