fake id for children

The temptation to order and use a fake ID  card is quiet big when your children start getting older. Suddenly you  actually have to start paying for the entrance of your children at the museums, the zoo or the public swimming pool. In most countries worldwide the entrance for children under the age of two is free. After that you have to pay a small amount for children, adolescents or teenagers. After a certain age many institutions want you to pay the full amount. Some still grant you a discount if your children that are still at school or university. Normally you have to show some kind of document to either proof, that your child is still belongs into the children’s discount section or goes to school. Of course many parents think a fake Id for children might be a solution to safe some  money. With a fake ID you could proof that your children are still young enough to get a children’s discount – what you do not think of, is that you actually commit fraud by using a fake Id for your children. Let’s just face it. Many people don’t have enough money to afford the entrance to a amusement park for the entire family or cannot go to the cinema with their children as often as they would wish too – especially not when they have to pay the full amount for their minors. As attractiv as the possibility too “cheat” a little might appear, as harmless as you think making your children a little bit younger than they actually are ( I mean no real harm done, right?), you always have to remember that buying a fake Id for your children is a deception and is punishable by law. You are of course more than welcome to browse through our shop and check out our items and fake Id cards… You can always buy them for private use.

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