fake id for clubs or cinema

Many people, especialy teenagers, using fake id cards for clubs or cinema, not nowing that it is higly illeagal and can punished hard to use a fake id card to get in a nightclub or into a adult movie at the cinema. Our fake id cards are legal, as long as u only use them for private usage, but if you change your age on the fak id card, amybe to make you older and try to sneak into a club with your fake id it is illegal. Same thing when you try to sneak into a cinema, using a fake id card.

Many teenagers doing it, using a fake id card to get into clubs or cinemas, but they mostly dont know about the consequences. Its highly illegal to use a fake id for clubs and also for cinemas and if you get caught u have to expect a hard punishment for it. The Police have to deal with that fact every day, bouncers call the police because underaged teenagers pretendig to be 18 years or older using their fake id cards. “If a 16years old looking girl comes to our club and shows me her id card, saying that she is 21, i allready know she is using a fake id card and call the cops”, says Raoul(34) bouncer at a bar/nightclub in london. The problem is that many teenagers dont konw about the hard punishment when using a fake id card to get cigarettes ord alcohol at a bar, nightclub or liquir store. Just because u see it on tv everyday, it doesnt meen that its ok to do it. Our fake id cards can and may not be used to get into a club, bar, cinema or somethign else. You may only use them pirvate or as a joke in front of friends our your family.

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