fake id with hologram and uv

If you think about buying a fake Id in the UK you might actually consider buying one with hologram and / or uv. A hologram is a type of picture that  give you the impression of three-dimensionality. Uv means ultraviolet and means that the printed part on the card are luminescent under UV light. Since most of the new Id cards worldwide have some kind of hologram and uv particles on it, we consider a fake Id with a hologram and uv as more realistic and authentic looking, espeacially in the UK. Knowing all this you should definitely also be enlightened that the usage of a fake Id, not only in the Uk, with hologram and uv or not is not legal. If you try to get a discount or get into a club with your fake Id in the UK, no matter if it has a hologram or uv on it, you commit fraud and could get into trouble. Of course you could purchase one for your personal use, to impress a friend for example.  Or to give a funny present to a friend on his birthday. The boob inspector and the sex god cards are also a great giveaway for bachelor parties. Maybe you also want to impress your new girlfriend with the “Millionärs-Ausweis”, the proof that you actually belong to the upper class?!

As a lot of student Id cards don’t have a hologram on it, it actually doesn’t matter if you buy one with or without. If you browse through our shop you will find lots of fake Id cards that you might find helpful and funny. The fake Id that you can purchase out of the UK have a good value for money because we refrain from hologram and uv printed cards. We have lots of happy clients and as we use the best technology for our products you can rest assured that what you see in the shop you’ll really get.





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